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Welcome to Evertees®. We are glad to be launching Evertees® official stand alone site. We were formerly sharing a site with One Way Gospel Ministry, which is the mother site for Evertees® and One Way podcast. Evertees® is a locally owned business that was birth out of a desperation of wanting to expand the kingdom of God in other forms of preaching the Gospel. When you look out into the world, you see all types of advertisements and sermons walking around on the chests of all those who are proud to display their beliefs, unashamed. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is power and is to be spread throughout the nations. What we aim to do is give all believers a tool that can do just that in a way that starts a conversation without saying a word.

There are many Christian shirt companies out there and we do not claim to be anything more than they are but rather want to be a part of the ongoing effort to spread the good news and hope that others will help us do that. If you need a gift for a loved one, an Evertee is the perfect gift for all ages. We are in the process of adding infant onesies to our inventory, so if you are interested in that, stay tuned!

Thank you for checking out Evertees@ and for supporting our cause with your purchase and positive reviews. Feel free to send us a quick hello. We look forward to hearing from you!

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