The Way They Should Go

In the Beginning

But Jesus said, “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

One of the most pressing things I wanted to do once I got Evertees® off the ground was to make all the designs that had been building up from past years onto shirts. Honesty, I feel that getting my concepts on shirts was one of the reasons why I began this ministry in the first place. I know God will give you the desires of your heart, especially if what you desire will grow his Kingdom.

The Design

So thats exactly what I did. I began to produce the shirts and market Evertees® to the world. I hadn’t put any thought on expanding the design selection to other ages than adults. It wasn’t until one Wednesday night after service that things changed for the ministry. My daughter had drawn a quick sketch in class and the teacher shared it with me. The first thing that came to my head was “That’s the next Evertee!” It was a hand-drawn, simple design that would look great on a tee for sure.

I came home to discuss the idea with my daughter and after some minor cleaning and tweaks, we had the newest design for our Gospel sharing toolbox. She was super excited to get her design up on the web and to be part of the ministry with her Daddy! Even though the design doesn’t appeal to everyone, the young hearts love it and that is all that matters. You know, if the world can make shirts to advertise movies, products and science fiction characters, we can make a shirt that will magnify the power and name of our God. And to see the young generation being apart of this movement is the greatest thing that could happen to this ministry.

We have since created more kid friendly selections and will continue to evolve it. We want others to be apart of this as well, so we are working on setting up a way to get you to send in your creation to Evertees® so please stay tuned as we prepare for that.

Here is a link to the “In The Beginning” tee if you want more info.

One Way Logo – What is it?

So What Is The One Way Gospel Logo?

You have probably seen this logo on a lot of my work. I get asked every so often what this logo means. So I want to break it down to uncover the meaning of the “One Way” logo, which is the core of this One Way Gospel movement. This symbol is composed of three simple geometric shapes, a circle, triangle and an arrow. Whether you are familiar with the universal meanings or not, each individual shape on their own carry their own meaning and every meaning is dependent upon your viewpoint.


Just about every symbol you can think of carry both an esoteric and exoteric meaning. Symbols are used throughout the world, both in the physical and spiritual realm and each of them have a specific purpose. Many of them have multiple meanings, making it difficult to understand at a glance, so we need to be aware of what we are dealing with. The meaning and definition behind every symbol is sealed at the moment of its creation. I believe there is a spiritual attachment to symbols either with a spirit or energy the moment it’s purpose has been defined by the creator. That spirit will have the same agenda and travel with its mark/symbol and when used or displayed by others, then that person is also entertaining the spirit attached to it. I will get deeper into this subject in a later post. For now, I will explain the interpretation of the One Way logo, break down each shape and give the meaning of each one.

From a basic level of the shapes and their universal meanings, we can break it up like this.

The Circle


The circle used here represents the infinite existence of God. He that has no beginning nor end rules the universe. The circle’s universal meaning is creativity or creation and this meaning works well with the overall logo as you will see later on.

The Triangle


The triangle has many interpretations as it is a popular shape used for many different world symbols. The most widely used triangle shape is an equilateral triangle pointing up. This version of the triangle has been interpreted to represent male (man), God or enlightenment. You will also find that this shape in its 3 dimensional state, or pyramid, represents stability and standing firm because of the flat base.

The Arrow


An arrow shape has no real esoteric meaning to it besides the fact that it points to a certain direction. The arrow used in the One Way logo is pointing up, indicating the way in which we are to set our eyes. When possible I use a red arrow to indicate the war that we’re in daily with our flesh. The red also represents the blood that was shed to help us through the war.

As you can see, there is nothing deep about these shapes when they stand alone. But when they are combined, they do tell us a story. Shapes and symbols are used for all types of purposes and I have chosen this combination for a very specific purpose.


This logo is layered to tell a story beginning from the back to the front. The infinite God in all his majesty created all that we know and that which we do not know. We are but a speck in this visible earth and there is much that we haven’t even begun to explore nor imagine. His creating power and infinite mind is the foundation of our faith and hope. As the triangle stands firm as our source of enlightenment, it tells us that God came into his own creation to become a man through his son, Jesus. He came to this world not to condemn us for our faults but to show us the way back to him through his death. The red on the arrow is the blood he shed for us as payment for our debts. This arrow points the only way back to God the Father, and that way is only through Jesus Christ.

To summarize the logo in one verse:

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”
John 14:6

My hope and goal with the One Way logo is that it will have a positive effect through the different aspects of the ministry it travels with. Whether it is on apparel, in a video or on all other type of OWG swag, let it be an emblem of faith and hope to all that see it.

Welcome to Evertees

Welcome to Evertees®. We are glad to be launching Evertees® official stand alone site. We were formerly sharing a site with One Way Gospel Ministry, which is the mother site for Evertees® and One Way podcast. Evertees® is a locally owned business that was birth out of a desperation of wanting to expand the kingdom of God in other forms of preaching the Gospel. When you look out into the world, you see all types of advertisements and sermons walking around on the chests of all those who are proud to display their beliefs, unashamed. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is power and is to be spread throughout the nations. What we aim to do is give all believers a tool that can do just that in a way that starts a conversation without saying a word.

There are many Christian shirt companies out there and we do not claim to be anything more than they are but rather want to be a part of the ongoing effort to spread the good news and hope that others will help us do that. If you need a gift for a loved one, an Evertee is the perfect gift for all ages. We are in the process of adding infant onesies to our inventory, so if you are interested in that, stay tuned!

Thank you for checking out Evertees@ and for supporting our cause with your purchase and positive reviews. Feel free to send us a quick hello. We look forward to hearing from you!